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  • $2,870.00

18kt ring with multifaceted aquamarine. 

design Enrico Morbidoni 

The very name aquamarine brings to mind the limpid clear blue tint of the sea. Neptune, the King of the Sea, gave aquamarine as gifts to the mermaids, and from then on, it has brought love to all who have owned it. Aquamarine was long thought to have a soothing influence on married couples, making it a good anniversary gift. Aquamarines are found in a range of blue shades, from the palest pastel to greenish-blue to a deep blue. The choice of color is largely a matter of taste, the deeper blue gemstones are more rare. Aquamarine is a pastel gemstone, and while color can be quite intense in larger gemstones, the smaller aquamarines are often less vivid. It is the birthstone of March and the symbol of youth, hope, health and fidelity.